Click on the image and see what my office assistant thinks about commercial tax preparers that promote REFUND ANTICIPATION LOANS.

$ 50.00  –  Basic 1040 Tax Preparation (includes one W-2 or 1099 form)

$ 10.00  –  Each additional W-2 Form and 1099 Form

$  5.00  –  Each Interest, Dividend, State Tax Refund, Sale of Securities, Itemized
.               Deduction Entry

$ 15.00  –  Earned Income Credit Forms and Entries

$ 50.00  –  Other – Schedule C, Schedule E, etc., per entry

This is what my Office Assistant thinks of commercial tax preparers who promote REFUND ANTICIPATION LOANS.


$ 50.00                 A Short Form – 1 W-2 Form – Electronically Filed

$ 80.00 – $110.00  A Long Form – 1 W-2 Form – Itemized Deductions

How can I keep my fees so low?

  • I prepare, package, and copy each Tax Return myself.
  • I incur very little overhead.
  • I invest in good, state-of-the-art equipment.
  • My office is located in my house.
  • I pass the savings on to my clients.

For examples of your savings from Joe Lilly, CPA, review the Short Form Comparison and Long Form Comparison.